Alvin & Mia

June 17, 2011

Alvin and Mia were introduced to Phases and Faces by our good friend and supplier friend, Jojo Castro of Stradpro Lights and Sounds.

The couple never hesitated to book with Phases when I first met them in our office. What was foremost in the couple’s mind is that they wanted a prenup photo session that they can be proud of. I gave them possible locations and possible themes for the prenup and gave them time┬áto prepare. Below is the result of that pictorial.

Alvin and Mia’s wedding was simple but intimate. The couple checked in at the Richmonde Eastwood which for me is ideal for preps since the hotel is still cool for pictorials and the grand staircase is ideal for bride alone poses. Church was at the Dela Strada and reception at the Glass Garden.

Edward Unite

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